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Acupuncture in Reno, Nevada

Acupuncture in Reno, Nevada

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Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese Acupuncture & Custom Herbal Formulas in Reno, Nevada since 2002

I opened my Chinese medicine clinic in Reno in 2003, and have been practicing acupuncture in the South Reno Athletic Club (South RAC) for 9 years. The club is a vibrant destination to many, young and old, who care about health. Tucked away in a peaceful corner of this vibrancy, we offer acupuncture to the Reno community in a friendly and relaxed setting. Treatments are a full hour and your questions are respected and answered.

-Dr. Gary Danchak, OMD
Acupuncture needles in woman's back

Acupuncture Treatment Results

Through acupuncture and herbal medicine, my work at South Reno Acupuncture clinic effectively treats the following:

emotional stress
depression and anxiety
nerve pain

back pain
neck pain
shoulder pain
joint pain
rheumatoid arthritis

high blood pressure
high cholesterol
PMS and fertility
ear/nose/throat disorders
gastro-intestinal issues

One of the advantages of acupuncture is that the incidence of adverse effects is substantially lower than that of many drugs or other accepted medical procedures used for the same conditions.

-National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference

How does it work?

After 20 years of practice, the hardest thing about what I do is trying to explain it. Oriental medicine works just fine on Westerners, but it sure doesn’t translate into English. I can’t tell you exactly how this ancient alternative medicine works except to say that it balances energy in your body. You’ve seen the t’ai qi symbol: a white fish swimming in a circle with a black fish. The black fish is yin (cool, nutritive, “female” energy—think of yin as a tank of cool gasoline). The white fish is yang (pure fire, “male” energy). The white fish has a black eye, which means that within yang is the seed of yin, and vice versa. That is, there are no absolutes in Chinese medicine. It is a dynamic, constantly changing interplay of forces that maintain life.

There are six yin and six yang organs. They work together in husband/wife pairs. Each organ has two meridians, left and right. Meridians are rivers of energy moving through your body in very specific, known paths through which energy flows. Pain is due to blockage of qi (yang energy) and blood (yin energy) in a meridian. Acupuncture and herbs restore the flow of energy in blocked meridians, restoring function, managing and relieving pain.

If qi and blood energy are deficient, their flow through the meridians are slowed and more easily stopped, causing pain, and prolonging the process of healing. Herbs are used to tonify, or enrich, the qi and blood organs to maintain flow and to treat specific organ disease.

Western medicine is largely reductive and mechanistic whereas Chinese medicine is holistic medicine. You can’t put qi in a petri dish and measure it, or CT scan the flow of energy in a meridian. So how do we know qi exists and its flow benefits health? Because if we assume the old model is true, then diagnose and treat in the traditional way, the way it’s been done for thousands of years, we restore proper flow and the symptoms go away.

Anxiety? Pain? Chinese medicine makes no distinction between the health of your body and the health of your emotions. Stress and anxiety are real pain, as real and valid as a pinched nerve in your back, and are caused by similar blockages of the flow of qi and blood that cause physical pain.

Acupuncture and herbs have been used together for at least 3,000 years because as a complimentary system, they just work. Regular treatment with herbs and acupuncture are rewarded with prevention of illness and improvement/cure of pain. Wei qi (immunity) is increased, leading to fewer and less intense colds and flus. When qi and blood levels are increased, not only do you have more energy for daily activities but stagnation (pain) is less likely to occur.